Friday, October 16, 2009

Furnished Line- The Vess

It's Autumn- my favorite and the cruelest time of year.  It's the time of my birthday (good)  the time of fall fashions (great!) and the season of not-a-single-one-of-these-RTW-pieces-of-fabulous-fit-me. (Cry)  So behold; I am creating a line, dozens of lines, completely based around the most important factor anyone could base a line of clothing around- does it fit Me? This, below, is a vest I was playing around with. Or, it started as a vest. The flare ended up being so voluptuous that it’s almost a dress. I haven’t decided if it’s Victorian themed


or just plain crazy. (My roommate took one look at it, and said “I’ll never understand women’s fashion.” )
This is from my Furnished Line, along with the black and white Baroque flair skirt that makes me think of The Viceroy in Santa Monica (I know, I'm missing the chartreuse- just give me a week!)  And for those of you wondering about the shorts- They get their own separate post.  Check back with us...


  1. I love it! great blog by the way!

  2. i love the print of the shorts and i could almost feel the texture of that jacket.
    Vintage is what came to my mind for the first one, and the second one looks modern tribal.

  3. Love the vest! Great texture especially with that rich brown color. It looked great paired with patterned bottoms.