Sunday, February 14, 2010

Technical Difficulties...

... if that broad concept covers having NO computer at all.  Ah well.  Artwalk February 2010!

Spent time traipsing about with the lovely and talented REDACTED. Aside from a few wistful moments, like coming across the SkinGraft Storefront and not really knowing what to say (Rest in Punk-Rock Peace, McQueen- you will be missed.) we had a lovely time.

Of course, I was dressed in my new favorite business card- my paisley-ccino pop part sheathe.  No images yet of the detailing, or any of the new pop-print collection I've been toiling away at for the past few weeks, but those are coming- someone is going to shoot them for me when we've both got a spare weekend.

 These guys were promoting the Wandering Marionettes Kabinet Theatre Dance and Spectacle- a mouthful AND a lens-full.  Check them out.

Oh, the people you'll meet!  Jacob here agreed to pose for me with his AWESOME jacket.

Check out the view...
Wrapped up at Lot 44 Coffee Shop.

(I have to switch some pictures around, so this post will be a little lopsided.)

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year's Eve 2010- Feathered Leggings!

And I don't mean "patterned," either.

Oh, yes.
Well, it all started when I found this magazine

and stumbled across this story,
shot by Glen Luchford (link goes to article on blog Touch Puppet, a beautiful fashion photography blog)

and styled by Panos Yiapanis. (link goes to article on blog Youth Novels, with some of the most spectacular images of Tilda Swinton, a personal hero of mine)

The rose petal leggings"designed by stylist's studio" stuck in my mind for months, and I thought "those would make any normal-shaped person look dumpy, but they seem so... intensely cool."
And then, shopping for textured fabric at my favorite remnant haunt, I saw this dark chocolate feathered fabric, one-way stretch, and the texture reminded me of the RPLs.  I thought "Leggings.  If they're awful, at least I can go next Halloween as a convincing satyr."

They weren't awful.  They were kinda awesome.  And while parts of me DID in fact look a bit bigger,

I found I didn't mind so much.

New Years Eve at the Down and Out, DTLA, was more fun than it rightfully should have been, I certainly started the year off right.  And what's more, I made a sensation with the leggings.  Most repeated comment of the night:
"What the..FEATHERS?  Can I touch them?????"

And since I can't possibly take myself seriously as a photographer, next to Luchford or anyone else, I'll just throw this one in.