Sunday, November 1, 2009

"I very well may be knitting a ranch house!"

One floor-length black sleeveless dress and a fistful of Mardi Gras pearl beads later, I was a real phony!

Nothing like some nice blue people to help fight away the Mean Reds.

I had a blast on Halloween, and everything in the costume was recycled.  The dress I whipped together from a very forgiving, very elastic cotton blend that I bought in remnant pieces at the cardboard condo, my favorite place to shop.  Took all of two hours, and although it was hardly a Audrey HepburnGivenchy, I still felt chic, appropriate, and warm.  I even borrowed a orange stuffed tabby for a few pics!

Audrey Hepburn Little Black Dress


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  2. ha ha loving the outfit pics xoxoxo

  3. such a great halloween idea! adorable and simply lovely.

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